Why work in the Middle East?

What are the benefits of working in the Middle East?

A great career is all about seizing opportunities. It can be so easy to continue down the same path for years on end, and when a new opportunity comes up we put it on the hold for years after years, waiting to the right time to come! But we all know, there is no right time, all we can just play with is the present time!


This is certainly the case with nursing in the Middle East. If you want to develop your healthcare career on the other side of the world, there’s no better place to start than the Middle East with a lot of fresh and exciting opportunities for westerns in countries where the investment in healthcare is massive and the willingness to improve is even more!

The benefits to move to the middle east aren’t all based around career opportunities. You can learn and teach while enjoying the sights, sounds and taste of a brand new country but there is more!!


One of the most attractive aspects of working as a nurse in the Middle East is the tax free salary in addition to the very atractive base salary offered. To it you can also add benefits such as free accomodation, free yearly flights home, free medical care, very generous annual leave and bonus schemes on completion of contracts and recontracting. Also the contract may also include these benefits for your family.