Why work in the UK?

Why Work in the UK?

​The Uk has long been one of the most popular destinations for overseas doctors and nurses. And it still lives for its reputation. 

There are inumerous reasons that make the uk so appealipng for International nurses. Bellow I will name some of the great benefits of working in the UK. 


Social Inclusion

The Uk workforce is wonderfully diverse. Although it does vary from urban centers to more rural areas, the uk population in general is very diverse and multicultural. Censos from 2017 show that more 25% of the UK population were foreigners, being London the most multicultural city with about 38% of migrants.

Pay and benefits 

You can benefit from competitive salaries which reflect your level of training and experience. If you decide to work for the public sector you will benefit from its atractive staff benefits package icluding a pension scheme which is the most generous in the UK. 

If you praise time off work you can expect a holiday entitlement which begins at 27 days per year (plus 8 public holidays) rising with service up to 33 days after 10 years. You will also have pay enhancements for overtime and out of hours working. Because they also care about staff wellbeing you will have access to occupational health services, such as counselling and another programms that support your Health & wellbeing. 

Those raising families or planning to start/extend the family can get  a generous maternity leave and Pay as well as support with childcare and have the opportunity to take extended breaks, when needed, to look after children or other dependents who need their care, without having to worry about the security of their job.

Training and Career opportunities

NHS offer a wild range of specialities and training providing you the opportunity to specialize in a area of your interest. 

Work/life balance

You’ll always have a job that works for you. The UK has a wild variety of contracts, from fix term contract to flexible contracts, part-time or full-time (being full time 37,5h). 

Nurses in the UK are needed pretty much everywhere. No matter where you would like to live you have got a good chance of finding a job. You can work full-time or part-time and you always have the possibility to complement your hours or get some extra cash to meet your needs by doing overtime or locum work. If working exclusively as locum, the  so called flexible contracts you have full control on your working hours. you can decide how many hours you want to work, where and when you want to work. Best of all, you can take as much time off work as you want. Whether if it is for vacaciones or because of family commitments, you are the one deciding when you need some time off work! 

A career that offers security and ultimate flexibility… what more do you want?

Help with the realocation

Due to the high demand of nurses and doctors the UK made the process easy and very comprehensive, plus there are a lot of agencies that offer you guidance throughout the process free of charges. 

All you have to do is meet the Language requirements, once done you ready to start the process and set out on a NEW JOURNEY!